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Our Products

Welcome to our exclusive collection of Hallstar's exceptional beauty and personal care raw materials. Explore our curated selection, designed to elevate your formulations and inspire innovation in the cosmetics industry.

Build up your creams, butters and lotions using these self-emulsifiers for your W/O or O/W emulsions. the Olivem emulsifiers are naturally derived from Olive chemistry and can build lipid crystals.

Lift up your formulations with these 100% natural active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy made possible by patented processes.

Combine unique sensoriality with strong clinical benefits for the skin: The Sensolene concept is based on building blocks that specific alcohol generates different sensorial profiles based on chain length and branching

Delve into the chemistry of nature with these premium natural butters and exotic oils ingredients with exceptional sensorial attributes for personal care products

Elevate your sun protections products with performance-driven technology for effective sun care without compromise.

Sculpt & stabilise your formulations with ease using biomimetic ingredients based on olive oil fatty acids which are chemically similar to the lipidic composition of the skin surface.

Access effective hair care solutions with Hallstar innovations, meticulously designed to address diverse needs and offer advanced formulations for nourishment, styling, and overall hair health.

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