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Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate, Ethyl Olivate

A naturally-derived surfactant for rinseable, oil-based cosmetic products
Surfinesse™ Cleanse G is a gentle olive oil-derived surfactant designed for rinseable oil-based cosmetic products, such as cleansing oils. Formulations based on Surfinesse™ Cleanse G are found to emulsify with water to efficiently remove long-lasting make-up and daily skin debris while leaving a pleasant, smooth and hydrated after-feel. Thanks to its olive oil benefits, it displays excellent skin compatibility along with non-irritating properties and protection from/prevention of skin delipidification. It is compatible with a wide range of vegetable oils, esters and alkanes.


Ethylhexyl Olivate

Multifunctional Dermollient
Sensolene® is a multifunctional lipid endowed with emollient properties to provide high levels of skin compatibility while providing elegant appearance and texture to the formulation. Sensolene® is composed of a combination of fatty acids that chemically mimics the composition of the skin’s hydrolipidic film, providing physiologically compatibility with it. At 20°C, it is a slightly yellow emollient liquid with silicone-like spreadability. The recommended use level are 1 – 3% as an emollient, 3 – 5% in o/w emulsions to reduce transepidermal water loss and increase skin hydration, elasticity, resilience and smoothness, and 5 – 10% in foaming bath and shower oils.
Hallstar’s most recent clinical testing provided clear data that that Sensolene® has superior dispersing properties. Well-dispersed pigments mean more uniform and intense colour.
In addition, our laboratories tested Sensolene®‘s impact on compact powders when it is used to bind/wet the powders. Prototypes containing Sensolene® have a significantly higher drop test pass rate than those without Sensolene®. 


Ethyl Olivate (and) Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract

Biomimetic Active Emollient
Sensolene® Light ET introduces for the first time the concept of an active emollient combining superior emolliency with anti-oxidant benefits, thanks to unique, natural Oléo-éco extraction patented process. It is a palm free multifunctional biomimetic active emollient derived from olive oil and olive leaves that gives an extremely light touch to every beauty formulation. 100% natural origin, COSMOS-approved, globally-compliant, sustainable alternative to silicones.


Lauryl Olivate

Dermollient for Sensitive Skin
Sensolene® Care DD is a highly functional ingredient with protective effect and excellent spreading properties. Its melting point, near to skin temperature, gives the product unique sensorial features. This emollient ester is a soft yellow wax with characteristic odor at room temperature. It is used as a sensorial modifier, providing products a light and silky touch. It is used for skin conditioning as well, improving skin’s hydration, elasticity and barrier function.  Sensolene® Care DD may be used for hair conditioning applications, too, and is COSMOS approved.

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