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IMAI Ingredients Pty Ltd is born

4 Mar 2024

IMAI Ingredients Pty Ltd Launches in the ANZ Cosmetic Distribution Scene

Proudly announcing its entry into the Australian cosmetic distribution landscape, IMAI Ingredients Pty Ltd emerges as a dynamic and forward-looking company. Established with a commitment to elevate the cosmetic industry in the Australia-New Zealand (ANZ) region, IMAI Ingredients is set to become a trusted partner for local manufacturers.

As a strategic player in the ANZ cosmetic scene, IMAI Ingredients strives to empower local manufacturers by providing them access to a diverse range of high-quality raw materials. The company envisions contributing to the growth of the cosmetic industry by ensuring that manufacturers have the resources they need to create exceptional products.

IMAI Ingredients Pty Ltd is founded on principles of excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction. The company is excited to embark on this journey, anticipating positive collaborations and impactful contributions to the vibrant cosmetic landscape of the ANZ region.

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